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Updates January 2021 and my book ideas

  We are on the tenth day of the year and I also have a full time job and a pretty poor health I need to sort out. Nevertheless, my plans is to have released my fifth book or being close to release my fifth book sometimes this fall.... October/November/December 2012. The project closest to my heart now is named The Arkleston Court Serenade.  What, would you say. OK, Arkleston Court was a high rise block of flat built in 1970 and demolished in 2013 or thereabout. I live pretty close to it and I knew some of the guys there. The Arkleston Court Serenade will take us through seven days in the life of an old father who has just lost his lifelong partner as she passed on. His wish is to put a gravestone on her grave. This in between having to deal with a very demanding drug dealing son in prison, another son who is financially struggling down in England and the drug overdose dead daughter. It is a peeling an onion novel... or that is my idea. Another idea and I have done some interviews here

A new beginning again # 2

  Welcome to the blog I as the one person running Torodd Fuglesteg Publishing will now use to update anyone interested in  Yes, I know..... I am speaking about myself and Torodd Fuglesteg Publishing in 3rd person. A sure sign of insanity and an ambulance is patiently waiting for me to voluntary go with them to the nearest mental asylum. That is not true but I like that joke. Truth is that I am not sure where to take Torodd Fuglesteg Publishing, less than one day into the establishment of this organization.  Months ago, I have asked several other potential local authors if they wanted to join me in a company called White Cart Publishing. There was some non commital noises coming my way. I then spent all my days and nights on one novel, now released.  After 3 novels and a more biographical book, and finding writing books too much of a pleasure, I found out I needed a platform and an organization behind my books. My website was a horrible mess. So I decided to set